MagpieSays event system

Event system for Magpie events’ club

MagpieSays is event system which includes Xamarin.Forms based mobile application, Windows based event editor for event managers and back end server app which is written using ServiceStack.

Google Play link:

Clients development featured:

  1. Model–view–viewmodel structure using MVVM Light Toolkit
  2. Both client and server data validation
  3. Multilanguage support (resources for Xamarin.Forms and xml files for Windows)
  4. DTO based communication with back end using ServiceStack native C# client library
  5. Adaptive Grid based UI layout for both mobile and Windows apps

Back end application featured:

  1. .NET Core 2.0.
  2. DTO based web services with ServiceStack
  3. JSON as request/response format
  4. MongoDB as data storage
  5. Digital Ocean’s virtual machine with Ubuntu Server as cloud hosting environment
  6. The hosting service costs $5-$10 per month. Why should you pay $57 per month for Azure based mobile back end hosting?

Android screenshots (click to view).

Splash screen Events list Event details top part Event details bottom part About page

Windows screenshots (click to view).
Event editor is Windows program designed for event managers. It’s for internal use only.

Login Events tab Speakers tab Places tab Notifications
Events update required Events update extra Speakers update Places update

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